Zodiac Pets

In his follow-up to Ring On Deli, Eric Giroux returns to the hard-luck hamlet of Pennacook, Massachusetts, where misfit Wendy Zhou confronts dark forces aiming to buy the town and plunk a giant dome over it.

“[A] potent novel of growing up and facing the world.... Giroux weaves a gripping narrative, laced with humor, that interrogates and encourages reflection on individuals’ susceptibility to the influence of those in power.”
“Exciting” and “engaging” with a “satisfying conclusion.”
Foreword Clarion Reviews
“Convincingly explores the fragility of democracy.”
Kirkus Reviews (“Our Verdict: Get it!”)
“Zany, manic, absolutely crackers, Zodiac Pets is a smart, snarky satire of American idealism crashing headfirst into its mortal enemy, human nature.”
Stewart O'Nan, author of
The Speed Queen and Last Night at the Lobster
“Smart, witty, and savage, Zodiac Pets is the perfect read for anyone who believes that novels still matter and can challenge us to be better human beings and citizens—all while making us laugh till our sides split.”
Robert Kerbeck,
award-winning author of RUSE and Malibu Burning
Zodiac Pets brings to the page one of the most unique, whip-smart, and hilarious characters in memory in seventh grader Wendy Zhou.”
Beth Uznis Johnson,
author of Coming Clean
“A sorry-not-sorry portrayal of small-town politics, bureaucracy, and media dynamics, through the eyes of a triple threat minority (female, Asian, and lesbian) narrator, that offers incisive commentary on larger societal issues. . . . Very highly recommended.”
Readers’ Favorite (all five stars)
New Salem Books

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